Monday, January 11, 2010

The First Day being without Dan at the Company

Well, we were hoping for this day all fall and it arrived. Dan as gone back to the coat and tie and being a CPA. I arrived at the shop this morning to begin my own routine. It feels so long since I came to work, actually it has been 1 year since I walked into my shop and hung an open sign out front.

The road to get to this simple act has been long and complicated. Though we have both grown as people and as humans in general. I was listening to a song on the way over and the lyrics were, " I was served last night," of course the song meant alcohol while I was thinking papers. This has been a journey that my soul has been changed and my character stregthened. Let me give you an example. I was at Kroget Friday stocking up on Lean Cuisine to of course make this the year I loose so much weight that I look 21 again(hey we can all dream!) The man bagging my groceries ask what I needed so many Lean Cuisine for? I explained that I own my own shop and I will eat those for lunch everyday. He said, "Wow! You must be rich owning your own business." I was telling Dan about his comment and how it has stuck with me the past couple of days. Dan said did he see your 8 year old car with 230,000 miles, I said no and we both laughed that would have shown him the trust about being rich! But then, "What is being rich?" Really, what does it mean? I have given it much thought considering what most of my friends are going through with the economy. I have decided I am rich in so many ways and I live out my wealth everyday. Being rich is truly freedom. In the simplest since. Freedom lets us live our lives the way we choose to carry out or day to day business. I am so rich with friends, family, education, animals who truly think I am their biggest fan, and a Company that I worked so hard to save, grow, and make something that one I will look back and think I am so glad I strived and succeeded. I was at a party Saturday with many very smart women with great careers and families. I listened to the pain in the voices as they talked about the struggle between great careers and children. I thought they are lacking the freeedom I mentioned earlier. So, as I leave you today and get back to running my business I urge you to think of your goals for your life and look at the action steps you are taking to truly achieve those desires.

Have a great Monday, I know its time I have one! This will be a great year, even if the portfolios and liquid assets are low we have great things to come!