Thursday, February 25, 2010

Almost March

Well, I just felt the need to blog since I was pulled over by a state trooper this morning. He had such an attitude and I thought gosh I would hate to have his job. I mean all he does is ruin peoples day. Well the sun is out and life is too good to worry about his small gift to me. At least with my mouth I didn't end up in jail. My cousin the sherrif would not like that today.

After the magazine cover and article I have had so many customers at the store. I am trying to keep up with the demand. I truly know that in 10 years I'll look back and think we really made every piece ourselves. I will be the first to tell anyone I won't be making pewter forever. I look forward to teaching others the skill where I can grow the company. My goal is to have one item in the Neiman Marcus Home Christmas catalog. That's a lofty goal but very attainable. So until then I will strive to run the Best and only Pewter Company in the southeast. It seems so easy and yet I am really struggles to meet the demands of the company. I believe when the coast warms up a little a Tennesee Pewter Conference will be called in San Destin!

I hope each of you have a fabulous day! And remember are you making your dreams come true? It takes work, but its worth every breathe!

Happy Thursday.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy February!

In the picture me, Neelu, and April! Our Junior League graduation!

Well, what a joyful weekend. A wonderful friend April ended up spending the cold snowy weekend with us. We had a great time. Friday she was stuck in Jackson around noon, which made the perfect excuse for a fun filled weekend of chatting and catching up. April was with me last year all through the events of Tennessee Pewter and the building. Sometimes it takes a friend to really help get through a crisis and she was there for the good days and the not so good days. There were times last summer we would go to dinner and April knew I was physically there, but maybe not really mentally. How many days was I worried of someone getting hurt by a brick falling on them? Saturday we went to Somerville and she toured my new shop.

April, you get all the credit for your phrase, "Some people look at their lives as a standard slate to make a life, and some people embrace the world and create their own destiny." What a thought. Everyone really does fall into one of these two catagories, one is not better than the other, one is just far more riskier and at times stressful and at better times successful beyond belief. The risk taker must at times flock with other risk takers in order to be understood. The joys of making ones dreams come true is beyond words to really be a success. Its a quiet path to really leading an enriched life. No one can understand the path in life one chooses, but it helps to ask people why and how did you make your choices. April and I are far different in that she has lived in a few places where I have lived in Mississippi and Tennessee both places of which I have homes because I can not let go and love each equally. At 30 the whole world is ours to conquer. It's just a matter of time and the path we will take to make our dreams come true.

After this weekend I urge you to make sure you have a friend who is like a mirror and can look at you and give you honest feedback, supportive, and will say your a great person. Surround yourself with a team of supporters they will cheer you on and be with you through your failures. In order to succeed one must fail to really enjoy the fruits of success.

Today is February 1 and I am so glad....I hate winter, which has me to my next project of getting a house in Florida. I must getaway during the cold months and most other times we could find an excuse. Well, maybe first I better go work on these orders that are backed-up on the board.

Have a great day and Happy February!

What are your dreams and how good are your friends? Are you living your life or someone else's?