Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday in the Southern Summer

Well, its a hot Friday in our neck of the woods (or shall I say my counties of West TN). I thought of the past 3 weeks and how great things are and continue to be. My dreams are becoming a daily reality. I cherish bringing my kids to work with me everyday. They just love the attention and behave quite well. I missed them terribly when we went south a couple of weeks ago. As I looked at properties in Seaside I noticed some had wonderful situations for the canine children in families. I just can not imagine vacationing without them. Its not a getaway when I was missing them so. Forrest even got a collar from Seaside. Maybe a sign of things to come and my next piece of ground for the family.
The beach was wonderful and a great getaway from all the orders here at the shop. Things are just great around Tennessee Pewter Company. I love our new location with all its hidden perks.
I look forward to spending this weekend with the Most Cute Boy in the world. We have a funeral in the morning and I will get to see many of my family. Then off to do some fun things and relax. As an artist I know how important it is to rest and get a fresh perspective. Last Sunday morning I was at the shop by myself I almost lost a finger. The glove was torn down to my skin and I was reminded that each day I am in a situation to get hurt quite badly. I am always careful but that made me think God was giving me a sign not to skip church to get orders to brides. My finger remains part of my body and all is well.
I also viewed Sex and the City 2 this week with my fantastic girlfriend April. We had a wonderful time at such a posh theater in Oxford. The movie took me back to those fun single days. Who knew what lie ahead and how the path may wind but somehow we always are reminded of where we have been. As Carrie in the movie goes back to her apartment to write, I too am renewed each time I visit my home in Cleveland. If it were up to me I would have kept my old single furniture in it and used it for a retreat. Though I suspect the parties and good times that are had in it now will be remembered one day by a younger Delta State generation. I am suspecting my retreat will come on Highway 30-A in the near future. Which is good. In the Delta my friends love wraps me on each visit, so in essence there are many retreats for me there.
Well, I better get back to finishing a water pitcher for a bride in Chicago whose name is Kathleen, yes I have spent extra time on this piece because of her name.

I will always remember that my Mississipps friends inspired my dreams and creativity, my Tennessee friends have supported me, and my family has enabled me to live out my dreams and make them the reality of my life. Unil the next chapter.....
Have a great weekend.