Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another new week....

Another week has passed and we are almost to warmer days and more prosperous times.

Bill, Bob, and John Walker (also known as Walker Farms) got the last of my large equipment moved in Monday of last week. Finally all machinery is under one roof again. We reinforced the flooring under the new shop, put in 3 phase wiring, and turned a house into a piece of commercial property. The physically hard work should be coming to a long awaited end. I am posting some pictures of the move over the last 14 months. While my success continues and the business of owning the South's only Pewter Company may look like easy business I promise the long days, the heavy boxes, and yes, even the court appearances have changed my perspective and hopes. My greatest challenge moving forward is to be normal and stop take a break and get off the treadmill of the fastpaced manufacturing world. I bought this business to spend more time with my grandfather who is my mentor. The move continues and Tennessee Pewter will continue to grow. The sky is where my dreams end!

Last week was highlighted by George Strait in concert. Yes, what a wonderful night. We had dinner at Itta Bena's above BB King's on Beale. I was proud to be a native Memphian! A friend from New YOrk had flown in to stay with another friend for the concert. Our New York friend was touring Memphis. After spending a few days with her I know I am living in the right place for me. She is quite successful and very beautiful. Though I just do not think New York is for me.

I love living in a town where I know almost everyone. I have a business that if someone walks through the door I know if their local or not. I love being a small celebrity and the locals leaving me alone. The people from out of town are killing me right now. I just want big sunglasses and a fruity drink when they think I put my pants on different that they do! The cover of the magazine has changed my life in the fact that my hard work and ambition is starting to pay off. We are 6 months behind on orders and they just keep coming in!!!!

Well, I better get back to some work...

Are you happy with your dreams? What happened to them? Why aren't you living them? Are you a spectator in your own life or a participant?????