Sunday, May 23, 2010


Well, as I sitting enjoying my very favorite wine Clara Benegas from Argentina (thanks Stephanie!!!!), I think of how fast time goes by and how life so quickly changes. Dan is in Nashville so I am having a quiet night with all the furry kids. They will protect me! I am watching the Brooks and Dunn last Rodeo on TV. Today I made the comment to Dan that I was giving Faithe a pewter tray. He said you are really reaching for the stars with stardom (small secret, we know Faithe Hill through one of my sorority sisters). I truly believe that whatever dream is dreamed can come true in my life. Yes, by way of Dan taking me out of Mississippi we are closer to Nashville yet closer to country music stars who just love my pewter.
So on this night as I sit here in a chair I dreamed of my future life in Clevleand on Shumate I dream of what's to come and what has already been accomplished. Last week two of my pewter trays were presented to the President's of Botswana and Namibia. I was very honored. This week two more will go to Africa. Since my Delta State day's I have had much respect for the countries in Africa. I am very honored that they appreciate my art. I have always joked with Dan that I am taking him on a safari and hunting in Africa. That dream might be a reality soon. From the wonderful days in Cleveland to the wonderful days in West TN I feel everyday is a fairy tale. My foundation for support is the wonderful friends who have been with me since I started dreaming. They love me and that means the world on tough days. As I go to the shop some days I encounter people living in a small town that are so small town minded. For us, living in a small town is a perfect type of lifestyle and not our mind-set.
This weekend was my first encounter with fans driving through Brwonsville looking for my house. Well, they found it (not hard since our name is on a sign in the frontyard) well like any good southern belle I stopped chatted and showed them my personal collection of pewter. I was proud!
Today we had lunch with my other set of parents at P.F. Changes for Mr. Herchel's birthday. He is my personal mechanical engineer (boy that comes in helpful owning a factory). We had the best day. Now as I sit in my hundred year old home I think how no matter I famous or how much money we have it will always be home, (well our Brownsville home). Home is truly where one's friends are, Cleveland would not be Cleveland without Ann Marie and Brady! Its not the town it's the hearbeat of the ones that matter.
Well, as I am sure I have rambled enough. as I have enjoyed my wine and music, I will sign off with thoughts of Sex and the City 2 that is starting Thursday. Those were the great days. The clothes are worth the cost, because a great outfit just makes a great party better. The shoes give off the I own the world feeling.
I urge you to always follow your dreams and build a strong foundation, there will be obstacles structural and human.
Are you living your life or someone else's? I urge you to live your dreams..I am, and life couldn't be better.....

Friday, May 7, 2010

Hurray for Spring!!!!

Well, it has been a fabulous 2010! The pewter company is doing just wonderful. I really enjoy what I do, maybe its just all the hard work to get through to the glamour. The glossy magazine articles are fun, but when the readers come visit me, they will ask where is the pretty girl in the picture? After I proceed to listen to nice things about myself I just smile on the inside. They talk about me in third person like I am not that person in the articles. I mean really folks, you can't make metal items in Vineyard Vines dresses.
Anyhow, the company is low stress so that's great!
I have been on some wonderful trips this spring with friends who are just gifts from above. My cousin Jane Jameson and great friend Alice Nunn took a fantastic trip to the Alluvian Hotel in Greenwood. My friend Beth Williams is the General Manager. Wow! What a great time. Also went to an estate sale where I found some pieces that just spoke to me. Yes, they came north in an Uhaul. I just love beautiful things that speak to me. Oh yes, I took my oh so cute hubby back down after April 15 and to pick up my second load of pieces from the sale. We just love the Delta.
The kids are doing well. Forrest and Natchez had their portrait taken earlier this spring and it is being framed as I write this blog. They are my true constant companions. I believe they are the greatest dogs in the world.
Dan and I also attended the Holly Spring home tour or Pilgrimage. I think its true some really are still fighting the War of Northen Agression. (I have a book I found depicting all the injuctices that the federals did to confederates, thats a whole other blog). Anyway we saw some very pretty houses. Our house was on the Historic Tour here in Brownsville. Maybe I am biased but I thought my house was just a pretty as those in Holly Springs.
Are you in control of your destiny?
Happy Weekend!