Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rainy Day

Well, another day of rain! I just can't get the pool fixed. I can't brush the sides due to the storms. It's offical Forrest and Natchez have become indoor dogs. I think they love the cool wood floors. Today someone was walking down the street and they went nuts. They are both so cute. Nothing like 130 pounds of love Forrest is so big....Poor Natchez, at 126 she just can't keep up. If they behave we'll see how it goes.
I wasn't able to atend the fundraiser for my canidate for governor because of the weather. I will have to attend the one here in Haywood County. For those of you who haven't noticed I'm so far to the right I might fall off the aisle. So enough political talk. Tomorrow I'm going to Memphis with Mom. Hopefully we'll have a great lunch and do some fun things. Yea, its Friday. Ready for some time with Dan.....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Well another rainy July day. Spent the day in Jackson getting Dan's car fixed up. It needed a little love. He is all set to zoom to Memphis on Thursday. I got to visit Starbuck so my day was cheery. We are still recovering from Joyners Campground getting everything settled back to the basement for next year. The dogs are lovin all their indoor time..hmmm they are alot of dog to always be meeting me in the hall. Tomorrow night is the fundraiser for Bill Gobbons who is running for the Governors seat. What to wear? I'll make it a fun event. I have to behave so when Dan runs I do not ruin his chances of winning. He says he will send me off on an extended trip to Europe. Works for me. My housekeeper is on vacation and today was my day. So, its 10:30 and Dan is cleaning. Glad she got a vacation. I'm waiting on mine. Thank goodness for Tylers wedding in a few weeks. Tyler., you'll never know how I am lookingg forward to your wedding. Friends its at Rosemary Beach.....Ahhhh.
Well, off to sleep..........Goodnight!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well another day of trying to put a 125 year old building together. My life has turned into a struggle with so many different parties. At least I love my attorneys. They are now some of our closet friends. Its raining and the pool is just not liking all this rain water. Makes water do funney things. All the animals are peacefully asleep and I am working on the reports for the building. Tennessee Pewter is not manufacturing right now and I am ready to start making people happy again with beautiful pewter pieces. The rain is good and keeps me from having to water all my flowers! Yea!
Have a great day. If your near a Starbucks enjoy one for me!