Saturday, October 24, 2009

It can always get more complicated!!!!

I hope your Saturday much more fun than ours will be! We are on day 24 of moving into the new headquarters. Dad is way ahead of me on the BIG order. I stayed home to take care of some business this morning. Last night while heading out to the car with a HUGE pot of chili to take over for dinner here comes the sherrifs department and I was served a warrant. I mean really, in our neighborhood that just doesn't happen. Thank goodness our wonderful next door neighbor was there to sooth my nerves. Followed quickly by the two best attorneys in Memphis. I have truly been through it all this year. Dan missed the whole thing since he was in Somerville getting the shop set up. I am fine and we are fine, although just another item to take care of with everything else. I am truly looking forward to a new year! We attend a fabulous party every year at Dan's aunt's here in Brownsville and I will have a wonderful dress and terrific time this year. Yes, I will partake of twice the beverages as usual. This year is one for the record books. We have and continue to walk through what feels like a barron desert. If I disappear from here I have landed on a tropical island for a few months. So not to worry about me, I will just bask in the sun and relax.
I hope your fall is going well. Yesterday morning I walked out and just noticed all the trees were simply beautiful. I have been in my own world for the past month and simply not absorbed the fact that fall is here. Our crepe myrtles are starting to loose their leaves and the other trees are as well. Summer seemed like a fleeting memory and the pool looked so cold. The dogs are enjoying the cooler weather frolicking on the pool cover. They have started staying in All the time and love being with me again. Well, if your headed to a game have a great time and enjoy life while things are good, because I have learned it can turn in a heartbeat. Our time will soon return when we can travel and be normal again. Then what is normal? So, I leave you with, "What is your normal?" Are you reaching for the stars or just existing? Strive to be the best you can be because the world is full of boring people. If you really want to do a good deed adopt a shelter animal and give them all the love your heart can give. I get twice the look back everyday that I give to my two big bundles of fur......

Friday, October 23, 2009

We are really back in business!!!!!

Well, the time has finally come where Tennessee Pewter Company looks and feels like a pewter company. Wow! Dan and I have been on the ride of our lives. We have an empty lot in Brownsville that I pass every night on my way in and think what might have been...That is one dream that will continue to grow and one day flourish. Since all this we have become big fans of the megasite that will be located at Exit 40 off the interstate. The healing of this will continue for some time. Its a whole other chapter in the life of Tennessee Pewter Company.
Our new place is quite cozy in a good way. We have less than half the square feet in Brownsville but Dan has us organized where we are much more efficient and clean. The front living room is our new showroom, located to the right is my office with all I need. The dogs will be parked in there everyday with a big cozy area for them. I have a buffing room, a casting room, and the men have a spinning room. I also have a stainless kitchen (not sure when I'll have time to use it), but anyhow its there and great!! Our bathrooms are way cute. Yesterday, the electricians put up two really frilly fixtures in my guest bathroom. We are wallpapering after Christmas. The machines are in and we are operating on auxilary equipment until the electrical inspector passes us on Monday. Dad has already finished some of the BIG order pieces, he is doing Fantastic, its me that is waiting to get hooked up. I can not start my items until we are fully hooked up with my 3-phase power! Yes, of course I have had to put in a new power pole, somehow nothing we do is simple. I am feeling very tired but wonderful being back at what we set out to do last February. Somehow Dan has gone from being a CPA to Partner in a Pewter Company, not sure if its permanent but I am enjoying the help and time spent together. Its really great the whole family working together. Forrest and Natchez even get a huge backyard at the new place. That makes me happy for them.
We have made it through a building collaspe, trying to rebuild, and being shut down what will be 10 months and we are back and better than ever. Operating on 36 years of history is a daunting task but after the chapter we just finished we are All ready for another 36 years of Tennessee Pewter! Come visit us in Somerville.
For my friends, you probaly won't be seeing me anywhere but the Company until after Christmas, we just got another order for 5000 pieces due in December, so we might miss some fun times but look forward to a wonderful holiday season!
Well, I stayed home to do some bookkeeping so I better get to it.
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Hi All-

Well, the time has finally come for Tennessee Pewter to be back at a permanent location! We are working on our new home and making it beautiful! Christmas will be here and we look forward to seeing our customers. Dan and I are so excited for Tennessee Pewter to have a new chapter written in Somerville, TN. Fayette County and Somerville have always been good to us and opened up their arms upon us wanting to bring the business to Somerville. We are looking forward to opening in a couple of weeks.
I will post pictures of the new place October 12! Stay tuned!!!!!