Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Holidays are Here

This picture was taken at the Bubble Room on Captiva Island. We took a business trip to another pewter company in Florida. We had a great time and came back with a new tableware company. My new pieces will debut slowly over the coming months. Some will be available during Christmas. The first being the punch cup. I found that fit the holidays beautifully. Its time for all the fun entertaining.

Wow! My birthday signals the beginning of the holiday season. I have been working so much that it has truly slipped up on me. See, I truly believe that my birthday is a special season, not just a day. My Meme's birthday was the day after mine (Nov.21) and we always celebrated together and then would continue the celebration into the Thanksgiving meal. Well, Meme is in Heaven and an angel was sent to me to celebrate a birthday on the
21st. My friend Alice Nunn and I will celebrate our birthdays at our cousin Jane's this year!

Next weekend I am having a booth at the USJ Holiday Mart in Jackson, TN. It is completely new to me to take my pieces on the road. I have been working on the new website so much that time has slipped up on all of the Tennessee Pewter family. The photoshoot is over and this Thursday my website goes live. It has been a long time awaited and finally I have a website that will be fabulous. Come visit me at the Mart! It is at the Carl Perkins Civic Center.

The minister at church this morning spoke of dreams. I live a dream everyday, though that doesn't mean its easy, even if my dreams have come true. I have taken a couple of days off and enjoyed the Holidays in Haywood this weekend and I am ready to get back to my shop.

I have had a foster dog Jackson, since September and Jackson leaves Tuesday morning for the Catskills in New Yourk state. I am having a hard time letting Jackson go, but his adoptive family owns a metal company, and I saw that as a sign from God that they were the perfect family to take Jackson and love him as we have for the past months. He will go to work with the new family each day as he has been going with me for the past weeks. Forrest and Natchez have enjoyed having Jackson to play. At 3 they do not do much except follow me and sleep. Having HUGE dogs mean that they are almost completely inactive. As I write this Natchez is fast asleep and Forrest in asleep outside.
As always I encourage you to live out your dreams.
Here is a great recipe:
Molasses Pork Chops
Thick cut chops
Mix some sort of fancy mustard, garlic, and molasses. Put pork chops in crockpot and pour mixture over. I cooked on low for 10 hours. Yummy for the tummy. This recipe might make the cookbook its so great!
Until next time, rescue a furry soul or find one to love.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's almost here!!!!

Well, after many months of waiting this is Dad's last week of work for another company. Yesterday was his big birthday and now he will come on board Tennessee Pewter during daylight hours. We have spent so many nights and weekends here just trying to keep up. Last night was his wonderful party that was proceeded by a Sunday afternoon with family at Cats in Memphis. There is no telling where this company will be a year from now. I know that the sky is the limit. So many of my dreams have already come true. Another artist was in my shop Saturday morning and she was just amazed that I wasn't at my finish line. I explained that being a great pewter company is not good enough for me. I want to be the Best pewter company in the country. She asked, "How do you get there?" I explained that I believe anything is possible if you stay focused and take positive actions steps to acheive your goals. She mentioned all the set backs that we have encountered the past couple of years. Well, yes I have had some major setbacks, but I have learned and continued with my positive action steps. My biggest setback is being a female in the metal industry, well friends, being blonde can work miracles with gentlemen who are trying to help me!
As I wirte this blog in my own shop with my animals at my feet, I know I am very fortunate, but very persistent. I want to leave legacies for others leaders in industry after I have quit one day. My current ones are take care of animals without homes, and if you have an animal, be responsible. Everyone does not need a pet, so if you have one take care of him/her. Adopt an animal, so many need love and care. My second is that if you are truly unhappy take action steps to live a more forfilled life. I currently work all the time, but that doesn't mean I am not happy. I could not be any happier at the moment. I know success takes time and sacrifice. Another thing money doesn't always make you happier, so use what you have wisely and enjoy the free things in life. Picking peaches, corn, blackberries, or oranges is so rewarding. Just be a good person.
Another blessing in my life are friends who support me. I am blessed to have some very special people who make my life a better place to be.
As I went to look for my electrician this morning I encountered so many people in town who support me and asked about the business. My electrician is working at my vet's office, so of course that turned into a nice early morning visit. A great start to a long busy day at Tennessee Pewter. Now, I will leave you to shop for a new air compressor, which by the way the engineer who came this morning and explained that my current air compressor is just worn out asked how I felt buying a new one. Well, I explained that it's not as exciting as a new dress, but if my air compressor works correctly it will enable me to buy many new dresses and help shelter animals! So I leave you to shop!
Have a wonderful week, I know I will!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday in the Southern Summer

Well, its a hot Friday in our neck of the woods (or shall I say my counties of West TN). I thought of the past 3 weeks and how great things are and continue to be. My dreams are becoming a daily reality. I cherish bringing my kids to work with me everyday. They just love the attention and behave quite well. I missed them terribly when we went south a couple of weeks ago. As I looked at properties in Seaside I noticed some had wonderful situations for the canine children in families. I just can not imagine vacationing without them. Its not a getaway when I was missing them so. Forrest even got a collar from Seaside. Maybe a sign of things to come and my next piece of ground for the family.
The beach was wonderful and a great getaway from all the orders here at the shop. Things are just great around Tennessee Pewter Company. I love our new location with all its hidden perks.
I look forward to spending this weekend with the Most Cute Boy in the world. We have a funeral in the morning and I will get to see many of my family. Then off to do some fun things and relax. As an artist I know how important it is to rest and get a fresh perspective. Last Sunday morning I was at the shop by myself I almost lost a finger. The glove was torn down to my skin and I was reminded that each day I am in a situation to get hurt quite badly. I am always careful but that made me think God was giving me a sign not to skip church to get orders to brides. My finger remains part of my body and all is well.
I also viewed Sex and the City 2 this week with my fantastic girlfriend April. We had a wonderful time at such a posh theater in Oxford. The movie took me back to those fun single days. Who knew what lie ahead and how the path may wind but somehow we always are reminded of where we have been. As Carrie in the movie goes back to her apartment to write, I too am renewed each time I visit my home in Cleveland. If it were up to me I would have kept my old single furniture in it and used it for a retreat. Though I suspect the parties and good times that are had in it now will be remembered one day by a younger Delta State generation. I am suspecting my retreat will come on Highway 30-A in the near future. Which is good. In the Delta my friends love wraps me on each visit, so in essence there are many retreats for me there.
Well, I better get back to finishing a water pitcher for a bride in Chicago whose name is Kathleen, yes I have spent extra time on this piece because of her name.

I will always remember that my Mississipps friends inspired my dreams and creativity, my Tennessee friends have supported me, and my family has enabled me to live out my dreams and make them the reality of my life. Unil the next chapter.....
Have a great weekend.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Well, as I sitting enjoying my very favorite wine Clara Benegas from Argentina (thanks Stephanie!!!!), I think of how fast time goes by and how life so quickly changes. Dan is in Nashville so I am having a quiet night with all the furry kids. They will protect me! I am watching the Brooks and Dunn last Rodeo on TV. Today I made the comment to Dan that I was giving Faithe a pewter tray. He said you are really reaching for the stars with stardom (small secret, we know Faithe Hill through one of my sorority sisters). I truly believe that whatever dream is dreamed can come true in my life. Yes, by way of Dan taking me out of Mississippi we are closer to Nashville yet closer to country music stars who just love my pewter.
So on this night as I sit here in a chair I dreamed of my future life in Clevleand on Shumate I dream of what's to come and what has already been accomplished. Last week two of my pewter trays were presented to the President's of Botswana and Namibia. I was very honored. This week two more will go to Africa. Since my Delta State day's I have had much respect for the countries in Africa. I am very honored that they appreciate my art. I have always joked with Dan that I am taking him on a safari and hunting in Africa. That dream might be a reality soon. From the wonderful days in Cleveland to the wonderful days in West TN I feel everyday is a fairy tale. My foundation for support is the wonderful friends who have been with me since I started dreaming. They love me and that means the world on tough days. As I go to the shop some days I encounter people living in a small town that are so small town minded. For us, living in a small town is a perfect type of lifestyle and not our mind-set.
This weekend was my first encounter with fans driving through Brwonsville looking for my house. Well, they found it (not hard since our name is on a sign in the frontyard) well like any good southern belle I stopped chatted and showed them my personal collection of pewter. I was proud!
Today we had lunch with my other set of parents at P.F. Changes for Mr. Herchel's birthday. He is my personal mechanical engineer (boy that comes in helpful owning a factory). We had the best day. Now as I sit in my hundred year old home I think how no matter I famous or how much money we have it will always be home, (well our Brownsville home). Home is truly where one's friends are, Cleveland would not be Cleveland without Ann Marie and Brady! Its not the town it's the hearbeat of the ones that matter.
Well, as I am sure I have rambled enough. as I have enjoyed my wine and music, I will sign off with thoughts of Sex and the City 2 that is starting Thursday. Those were the great days. The clothes are worth the cost, because a great outfit just makes a great party better. The shoes give off the I own the world feeling.
I urge you to always follow your dreams and build a strong foundation, there will be obstacles structural and human.
Are you living your life or someone else's? I urge you to live your dreams..I am, and life couldn't be better.....

Friday, May 7, 2010

Hurray for Spring!!!!

Well, it has been a fabulous 2010! The pewter company is doing just wonderful. I really enjoy what I do, maybe its just all the hard work to get through to the glamour. The glossy magazine articles are fun, but when the readers come visit me, they will ask where is the pretty girl in the picture? After I proceed to listen to nice things about myself I just smile on the inside. They talk about me in third person like I am not that person in the articles. I mean really folks, you can't make metal items in Vineyard Vines dresses.
Anyhow, the company is low stress so that's great!
I have been on some wonderful trips this spring with friends who are just gifts from above. My cousin Jane Jameson and great friend Alice Nunn took a fantastic trip to the Alluvian Hotel in Greenwood. My friend Beth Williams is the General Manager. Wow! What a great time. Also went to an estate sale where I found some pieces that just spoke to me. Yes, they came north in an Uhaul. I just love beautiful things that speak to me. Oh yes, I took my oh so cute hubby back down after April 15 and to pick up my second load of pieces from the sale. We just love the Delta.
The kids are doing well. Forrest and Natchez had their portrait taken earlier this spring and it is being framed as I write this blog. They are my true constant companions. I believe they are the greatest dogs in the world.
Dan and I also attended the Holly Spring home tour or Pilgrimage. I think its true some really are still fighting the War of Northen Agression. (I have a book I found depicting all the injuctices that the federals did to confederates, thats a whole other blog). Anyway we saw some very pretty houses. Our house was on the Historic Tour here in Brownsville. Maybe I am biased but I thought my house was just a pretty as those in Holly Springs.
Are you in control of your destiny?
Happy Weekend!


Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another new week....

Another week has passed and we are almost to warmer days and more prosperous times.

Bill, Bob, and John Walker (also known as Walker Farms) got the last of my large equipment moved in Monday of last week. Finally all machinery is under one roof again. We reinforced the flooring under the new shop, put in 3 phase wiring, and turned a house into a piece of commercial property. The physically hard work should be coming to a long awaited end. I am posting some pictures of the move over the last 14 months. While my success continues and the business of owning the South's only Pewter Company may look like easy business I promise the long days, the heavy boxes, and yes, even the court appearances have changed my perspective and hopes. My greatest challenge moving forward is to be normal and stop take a break and get off the treadmill of the fastpaced manufacturing world. I bought this business to spend more time with my grandfather who is my mentor. The move continues and Tennessee Pewter will continue to grow. The sky is where my dreams end!

Last week was highlighted by George Strait in concert. Yes, what a wonderful night. We had dinner at Itta Bena's above BB King's on Beale. I was proud to be a native Memphian! A friend from New YOrk had flown in to stay with another friend for the concert. Our New York friend was touring Memphis. After spending a few days with her I know I am living in the right place for me. She is quite successful and very beautiful. Though I just do not think New York is for me.

I love living in a town where I know almost everyone. I have a business that if someone walks through the door I know if their local or not. I love being a small celebrity and the locals leaving me alone. The people from out of town are killing me right now. I just want big sunglasses and a fruity drink when they think I put my pants on different that they do! The cover of the magazine has changed my life in the fact that my hard work and ambition is starting to pay off. We are 6 months behind on orders and they just keep coming in!!!!

Well, I better get back to some work...

Are you happy with your dreams? What happened to them? Why aren't you living them? Are you a spectator in your own life or a participant?????

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Almost March

Well, I just felt the need to blog since I was pulled over by a state trooper this morning. He had such an attitude and I thought gosh I would hate to have his job. I mean all he does is ruin peoples day. Well the sun is out and life is too good to worry about his small gift to me. At least with my mouth I didn't end up in jail. My cousin the sherrif would not like that today.

After the magazine cover and article I have had so many customers at the store. I am trying to keep up with the demand. I truly know that in 10 years I'll look back and think we really made every piece ourselves. I will be the first to tell anyone I won't be making pewter forever. I look forward to teaching others the skill where I can grow the company. My goal is to have one item in the Neiman Marcus Home Christmas catalog. That's a lofty goal but very attainable. So until then I will strive to run the Best and only Pewter Company in the southeast. It seems so easy and yet I am really struggles to meet the demands of the company. I believe when the coast warms up a little a Tennesee Pewter Conference will be called in San Destin!

I hope each of you have a fabulous day! And remember are you making your dreams come true? It takes work, but its worth every breathe!

Happy Thursday.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy February!

In the picture me, Neelu, and April! Our Junior League graduation!

Well, what a joyful weekend. A wonderful friend April ended up spending the cold snowy weekend with us. We had a great time. Friday she was stuck in Jackson around noon, which made the perfect excuse for a fun filled weekend of chatting and catching up. April was with me last year all through the events of Tennessee Pewter and the building. Sometimes it takes a friend to really help get through a crisis and she was there for the good days and the not so good days. There were times last summer we would go to dinner and April knew I was physically there, but maybe not really mentally. How many days was I worried of someone getting hurt by a brick falling on them? Saturday we went to Somerville and she toured my new shop.

April, you get all the credit for your phrase, "Some people look at their lives as a standard slate to make a life, and some people embrace the world and create their own destiny." What a thought. Everyone really does fall into one of these two catagories, one is not better than the other, one is just far more riskier and at times stressful and at better times successful beyond belief. The risk taker must at times flock with other risk takers in order to be understood. The joys of making ones dreams come true is beyond words to really be a success. Its a quiet path to really leading an enriched life. No one can understand the path in life one chooses, but it helps to ask people why and how did you make your choices. April and I are far different in that she has lived in a few places where I have lived in Mississippi and Tennessee both places of which I have homes because I can not let go and love each equally. At 30 the whole world is ours to conquer. It's just a matter of time and the path we will take to make our dreams come true.

After this weekend I urge you to make sure you have a friend who is like a mirror and can look at you and give you honest feedback, supportive, and will say your a great person. Surround yourself with a team of supporters they will cheer you on and be with you through your failures. In order to succeed one must fail to really enjoy the fruits of success.

Today is February 1 and I am so glad....I hate winter, which has me to my next project of getting a house in Florida. I must getaway during the cold months and most other times we could find an excuse. Well, maybe first I better go work on these orders that are backed-up on the board.

Have a great day and Happy February!

What are your dreams and how good are your friends? Are you living your life or someone else's?


Monday, January 11, 2010

The First Day being without Dan at the Company

Well, we were hoping for this day all fall and it arrived. Dan as gone back to the coat and tie and being a CPA. I arrived at the shop this morning to begin my own routine. It feels so long since I came to work, actually it has been 1 year since I walked into my shop and hung an open sign out front.

The road to get to this simple act has been long and complicated. Though we have both grown as people and as humans in general. I was listening to a song on the way over and the lyrics were, " I was served last night," of course the song meant alcohol while I was thinking papers. This has been a journey that my soul has been changed and my character stregthened. Let me give you an example. I was at Kroget Friday stocking up on Lean Cuisine to of course make this the year I loose so much weight that I look 21 again(hey we can all dream!) The man bagging my groceries ask what I needed so many Lean Cuisine for? I explained that I own my own shop and I will eat those for lunch everyday. He said, "Wow! You must be rich owning your own business." I was telling Dan about his comment and how it has stuck with me the past couple of days. Dan said did he see your 8 year old car with 230,000 miles, I said no and we both laughed that would have shown him the trust about being rich! But then, "What is being rich?" Really, what does it mean? I have given it much thought considering what most of my friends are going through with the economy. I have decided I am rich in so many ways and I live out my wealth everyday. Being rich is truly freedom. In the simplest since. Freedom lets us live our lives the way we choose to carry out or day to day business. I am so rich with friends, family, education, animals who truly think I am their biggest fan, and a Company that I worked so hard to save, grow, and make something that one I will look back and think I am so glad I strived and succeeded. I was at a party Saturday with many very smart women with great careers and families. I listened to the pain in the voices as they talked about the struggle between great careers and children. I thought they are lacking the freeedom I mentioned earlier. So, as I leave you today and get back to running my business I urge you to think of your goals for your life and look at the action steps you are taking to truly achieve those desires.

Have a great Monday, I know its time I have one! This will be a great year, even if the portfolios and liquid assets are low we have great things to come!