Saturday, October 24, 2009

It can always get more complicated!!!!

I hope your Saturday much more fun than ours will be! We are on day 24 of moving into the new headquarters. Dad is way ahead of me on the BIG order. I stayed home to take care of some business this morning. Last night while heading out to the car with a HUGE pot of chili to take over for dinner here comes the sherrifs department and I was served a warrant. I mean really, in our neighborhood that just doesn't happen. Thank goodness our wonderful next door neighbor was there to sooth my nerves. Followed quickly by the two best attorneys in Memphis. I have truly been through it all this year. Dan missed the whole thing since he was in Somerville getting the shop set up. I am fine and we are fine, although just another item to take care of with everything else. I am truly looking forward to a new year! We attend a fabulous party every year at Dan's aunt's here in Brownsville and I will have a wonderful dress and terrific time this year. Yes, I will partake of twice the beverages as usual. This year is one for the record books. We have and continue to walk through what feels like a barron desert. If I disappear from here I have landed on a tropical island for a few months. So not to worry about me, I will just bask in the sun and relax.
I hope your fall is going well. Yesterday morning I walked out and just noticed all the trees were simply beautiful. I have been in my own world for the past month and simply not absorbed the fact that fall is here. Our crepe myrtles are starting to loose their leaves and the other trees are as well. Summer seemed like a fleeting memory and the pool looked so cold. The dogs are enjoying the cooler weather frolicking on the pool cover. They have started staying in All the time and love being with me again. Well, if your headed to a game have a great time and enjoy life while things are good, because I have learned it can turn in a heartbeat. Our time will soon return when we can travel and be normal again. Then what is normal? So, I leave you with, "What is your normal?" Are you reaching for the stars or just existing? Strive to be the best you can be because the world is full of boring people. If you really want to do a good deed adopt a shelter animal and give them all the love your heart can give. I get twice the look back everyday that I give to my two big bundles of fur......

Friday, October 23, 2009

We are really back in business!!!!!

Well, the time has finally come where Tennessee Pewter Company looks and feels like a pewter company. Wow! Dan and I have been on the ride of our lives. We have an empty lot in Brownsville that I pass every night on my way in and think what might have been...That is one dream that will continue to grow and one day flourish. Since all this we have become big fans of the megasite that will be located at Exit 40 off the interstate. The healing of this will continue for some time. Its a whole other chapter in the life of Tennessee Pewter Company.
Our new place is quite cozy in a good way. We have less than half the square feet in Brownsville but Dan has us organized where we are much more efficient and clean. The front living room is our new showroom, located to the right is my office with all I need. The dogs will be parked in there everyday with a big cozy area for them. I have a buffing room, a casting room, and the men have a spinning room. I also have a stainless kitchen (not sure when I'll have time to use it), but anyhow its there and great!! Our bathrooms are way cute. Yesterday, the electricians put up two really frilly fixtures in my guest bathroom. We are wallpapering after Christmas. The machines are in and we are operating on auxilary equipment until the electrical inspector passes us on Monday. Dad has already finished some of the BIG order pieces, he is doing Fantastic, its me that is waiting to get hooked up. I can not start my items until we are fully hooked up with my 3-phase power! Yes, of course I have had to put in a new power pole, somehow nothing we do is simple. I am feeling very tired but wonderful being back at what we set out to do last February. Somehow Dan has gone from being a CPA to Partner in a Pewter Company, not sure if its permanent but I am enjoying the help and time spent together. Its really great the whole family working together. Forrest and Natchez even get a huge backyard at the new place. That makes me happy for them.
We have made it through a building collaspe, trying to rebuild, and being shut down what will be 10 months and we are back and better than ever. Operating on 36 years of history is a daunting task but after the chapter we just finished we are All ready for another 36 years of Tennessee Pewter! Come visit us in Somerville.
For my friends, you probaly won't be seeing me anywhere but the Company until after Christmas, we just got another order for 5000 pieces due in December, so we might miss some fun times but look forward to a wonderful holiday season!
Well, I stayed home to do some bookkeeping so I better get to it.
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Hi All-

Well, the time has finally come for Tennessee Pewter to be back at a permanent location! We are working on our new home and making it beautiful! Christmas will be here and we look forward to seeing our customers. Dan and I are so excited for Tennessee Pewter to have a new chapter written in Somerville, TN. Fayette County and Somerville have always been good to us and opened up their arms upon us wanting to bring the business to Somerville. We are looking forward to opening in a couple of weeks.
I will post pictures of the new place October 12! Stay tuned!!!!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nap Time!

Well, Natchez enjoyed the day napping. Tonight will be short since I am exhausted. The foster dog has decided to start barking in the middle of the night. I was up from 2-6 this morning. Today felt like one long bad hangover. At 30 that's just not a great feeling.
Tomorrow is a big day for Dan and I. We have good things happening.
I leave you with one thought tonight. What evokes passion in your life and what action steps are you taking to keep that passion going? I watched a special about Audobon Park in Memphis last night. Wow! There have been many people who have gotten Memphis where it is today. A great city that opens the door to the richest, most fertile farmland on Earth and has a people that their zest for life is continuous. The Junior League keeps my passion for Memphis alive. What keeps yours?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Fall

Well, the picture is a fleeting memory of our friend Tyler and Nancy's wedding at Seaside where they live, yes, full time. We just love it there. I think I am slippig down to visit them in January. Just what I will need after the marathon of a year we have had. So, we have the new location secured and working nonstop on getting everything in line to fill all orders for Christmas. What a holiday season it will be! For those of you who know about the Chicago trip every year on my birthday, well its postponed this year. Wait, if the trip is postponed, then maybe the birthday is as well. Chicago in January will be frigid, but after Christmas sales will be whew hoo! We are so exciting about getting back in business. There will be no grand opening in 2009, due to demand for orders before Christmas. The party will have to come in the Spring. The location is to be announced later in October. ..stay tuned......
Dan is going crazy working with me. I keep asking him to stay with me full time, but he doesn't think he could handle it. Well, I can't imagine why? Is it the fact that I am big picture and not a details person or the fact that there are always animals everywhere in our life. The dog and cat follow me everywhere. Today Dan says, "Is that normal for the dog to follow you up and doen stairs?" I asked just exactly what about our life is normal?
Well, I hope you all are having a fabulous week. Working upstairs in our cave I do not see much of the daylight at present so enjoy the gorgeous weather.
Last night I had just a wonderful meal with my friend April, we are in the jUnior League together. We dined at Houstons, fabulous choice. We had the best time. Well, I must go down and rest before another crazy day.
Have a luxurious evening.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Starting the week in Sept. and ending in Oct.

Well, after an amazing dinner Friday evening with one of my favorite friends and Dan the weekend was off to a great start! We dined at Vinegar Jims in Arlington. It is really good. Saturday came early when I awoke at 4:00 a.m. for my 6:00 Junior League shift at Audobon Park. What was I thinking? Well, my friend April was there to make the event a great time! After my volunteer time I went and indulged myself in a Goulds Pedicure...they are the best I have found in town.

Sunday we enjoyed Live on the Lawn at College Hill. The music was fun and enjoyed time with our neighobrs. Sunday evening ended at Mom and Dads, of course chatting about Tennessee Pewter...somehow the family business always creeps into an evening...

Well, I am upstatirs taking some time out from the Christmas RUSH already. Oh, speaking of Rush Rachel Baggett of Brownsville pledged Phi Mu at Ole Miss yesterday. Wow! I was very excited. I had written her an outstanding rec and I am excited about visiting the Phi Mu house in Oxford on my next trip down. Today Natchez is laying upstairs keeping me company. She is truly a companion dog. Whereever I am she must be able to see me. For a 130 pound dog, she is kind of a baby....Oh yes, back to the business of today. Well, I have a Junior League meeting tonight in town so that is why I am blogging early.

Have a WONDERFUL Monday and enjoy the weather.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Being Satisfied

Food for thought....This summer a person whom I respected up until they made this comment stated, " Little lady you are never satisfied." Well, that statement really has stuck with me. I have pondered it many times. I have taken many huge gambles this year (very public if you live in West TN). I have reached for my dreams and missed out on some but I have still landed in the stars. While visiting my 86 year old Papa last night he made the statement, " I was never satisfied ." I have never been so taken back in my life. Where the gentleman this summer used that statement in a negative way, my Papa, who was/is a very successful businessman , went on the say that he always wanted to better himself. He was never satified, for he was always striving for greater ambitions. I have not been sleeping at night so last night I had time to think this over. There are so many choices in life. Why live your entire life and look back and say, "if I had only tried that?" Well my friends, I say this because I have been around people who are always thinking the grass is greener on the other side, whether it be life, money, or job. I believe that depends on what kind of grass you are going after. When I was in college I would have never said I would own a metal company ( I am the only female I know who watches the metals market), so from my perspective I am blessed in never being satisfied has enabled me to live out all my ambitions. My parents told me to get my education, which I got plenty! Then reach for my dreams! Why should I let an old man stop me from reaching my full potential. So, don't ever let someone stop you from making that life changing step that could take your pasture to the world. Like I said, "everyones pastures are different so go after yours". I won't say that its easy. As I stated earlier, I am not sleeping at night and wrinkles are appearing daily. I challenge you: If you are not satisfied with your situation go talk with someone who is a mentor because Wow! I believe in order to enjoy success, one must fail in order to enjoy the fulfillment of acheivement. Oct. 13, when I am reopen and back to a certain amount of normalcy things will start to realign again. Hopefully Dan will be going to the shop with me. I will need lots of help to get back on my feet and life will start the rymithical days that we as a family has longed for since last January. Even the dogs are ready to start greetig customers again.
Have a great Friday and I'll be back Monday.
P.S. What are your dreams?

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Ok, tonight will be short. We went to Jonesboro today to look at some shelving at a friends Fabulous gift shop. Wendi is so wonderful and has the cutest gift shop in town. She also carries TN Pewter!!! We just walked back in the door. I have bunches of TN Pewter items to do before hitting the sack. Right now I am opposite most friends. I dread Fridays and celebrate Mondays. See when your fighting some of our current battles Friday is just another day holding you back for 2 business days. So tomorrow will be good, we are having dinner with a dear friend. Have a fantastic Friday and weekend to come. I am counting down to the Pink Palace festival where I can get my pronto pup fix for the year. Yummy!!!!

Bye Bye

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Muddy Dogs

All 3 dogs are filthy. Time for the foster to move to her permanent family and my furry kids to see the nice groomer for a spa day. I mean they are loving the covered pool, but between the customized pond and yard they are yucky.
Well, though I am ready for this year to close, I must stall time before Christmas. I have more pewter orders than I can handle. Bring it on, but please be nice. I am out of shape from not buffing 400 goblets a month. Dad has not spun in 6 months. No official opening and we are in holiday mode already! Yea for business. Having Dan full time is great! Another member of the family business just brings more personality. So, the new location will be unveiled soon......
We are doing better everyday, though times are tough our friends are really stepping in and being extra nice.
Tonight we had dinner at Mom and Dad's. Lennys, yum. Sunny(the indoor cat) is watching me blog. Its like she knows what I am telling everyone.
That's all for today. Thank goodness noneventful.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where did summer go?

Well, for me, the real question is what has happened to my life since March 14? It feels like the Earth has been spinning and somehow I was thrown off on that day at 1:15 p.m. I know time will heal my pain and tiredness. Having Dan here with me is helping with all the paperwork and financials. Not many business owner have a built-in CPA. I am excited that Tennessee Pewter will be opening October 13!! Yea!! Well, that's no grand opening. That me unlocking the door at my new shop and moving in. I hate cold weather but I have never looked so forward to a winter in all my life. I have been walking through the valley of hell for too many months and am ready for some sunshine.
The fam went to San Destin a couple of weeks ago for one of Dan's friends wedding. It was fabulous. While there we decided to have a family biggest looser weight contest. My goal is 30 pounds by Christmas. I have given up sweet tea. Folks that is tough. Only water and an ocasional Starbucks when in the big city. I have gone healthy. I can already feel a difference and I am 2 weeks in. So, the Florida trip was great. I started thinking why do I live in West TN. Oh, yea then Dad says because al your people are from there. Well, don't tell Mom and Dad but I might just migrate South one day, if only for 6 months of the year.
Well, with TN Pewter set to open very soon I am busy getting everything in gear that I can.
Gotta go..

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rainy Day

Well, another day of rain! I just can't get the pool fixed. I can't brush the sides due to the storms. It's offical Forrest and Natchez have become indoor dogs. I think they love the cool wood floors. Today someone was walking down the street and they went nuts. They are both so cute. Nothing like 130 pounds of love Forrest is so big....Poor Natchez, at 126 she just can't keep up. If they behave we'll see how it goes.
I wasn't able to atend the fundraiser for my canidate for governor because of the weather. I will have to attend the one here in Haywood County. For those of you who haven't noticed I'm so far to the right I might fall off the aisle. So enough political talk. Tomorrow I'm going to Memphis with Mom. Hopefully we'll have a great lunch and do some fun things. Yea, its Friday. Ready for some time with Dan.....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Well another rainy July day. Spent the day in Jackson getting Dan's car fixed up. It needed a little love. He is all set to zoom to Memphis on Thursday. I got to visit Starbuck so my day was cheery. We are still recovering from Joyners Campground getting everything settled back to the basement for next year. The dogs are lovin all their indoor time..hmmm they are alot of dog to always be meeting me in the hall. Tomorrow night is the fundraiser for Bill Gobbons who is running for the Governors seat. What to wear? I'll make it a fun event. I have to behave so when Dan runs I do not ruin his chances of winning. He says he will send me off on an extended trip to Europe. Works for me. My housekeeper is on vacation and today was my day. So, its 10:30 and Dan is cleaning. Glad she got a vacation. I'm waiting on mine. Thank goodness for Tylers wedding in a few weeks. Tyler., you'll never know how I am lookingg forward to your wedding. Friends its at Rosemary Beach.....Ahhhh.
Well, off to sleep..........Goodnight!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well another day of trying to put a 125 year old building together. My life has turned into a struggle with so many different parties. At least I love my attorneys. They are now some of our closet friends. Its raining and the pool is just not liking all this rain water. Makes water do funney things. All the animals are peacefully asleep and I am working on the reports for the building. Tennessee Pewter is not manufacturing right now and I am ready to start making people happy again with beautiful pewter pieces. The rain is good and keeps me from having to water all my flowers! Yea!
Have a great day. If your near a Starbucks enjoy one for me!