Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's almost here!!!!

Well, after many months of waiting this is Dad's last week of work for another company. Yesterday was his big birthday and now he will come on board Tennessee Pewter during daylight hours. We have spent so many nights and weekends here just trying to keep up. Last night was his wonderful party that was proceeded by a Sunday afternoon with family at Cats in Memphis. There is no telling where this company will be a year from now. I know that the sky is the limit. So many of my dreams have already come true. Another artist was in my shop Saturday morning and she was just amazed that I wasn't at my finish line. I explained that being a great pewter company is not good enough for me. I want to be the Best pewter company in the country. She asked, "How do you get there?" I explained that I believe anything is possible if you stay focused and take positive actions steps to acheive your goals. She mentioned all the set backs that we have encountered the past couple of years. Well, yes I have had some major setbacks, but I have learned and continued with my positive action steps. My biggest setback is being a female in the metal industry, well friends, being blonde can work miracles with gentlemen who are trying to help me!
As I wirte this blog in my own shop with my animals at my feet, I know I am very fortunate, but very persistent. I want to leave legacies for others leaders in industry after I have quit one day. My current ones are take care of animals without homes, and if you have an animal, be responsible. Everyone does not need a pet, so if you have one take care of him/her. Adopt an animal, so many need love and care. My second is that if you are truly unhappy take action steps to live a more forfilled life. I currently work all the time, but that doesn't mean I am not happy. I could not be any happier at the moment. I know success takes time and sacrifice. Another thing money doesn't always make you happier, so use what you have wisely and enjoy the free things in life. Picking peaches, corn, blackberries, or oranges is so rewarding. Just be a good person.
Another blessing in my life are friends who support me. I am blessed to have some very special people who make my life a better place to be.
As I went to look for my electrician this morning I encountered so many people in town who support me and asked about the business. My electrician is working at my vet's office, so of course that turned into a nice early morning visit. A great start to a long busy day at Tennessee Pewter. Now, I will leave you to shop for a new air compressor, which by the way the engineer who came this morning and explained that my current air compressor is just worn out asked how I felt buying a new one. Well, I explained that it's not as exciting as a new dress, but if my air compressor works correctly it will enable me to buy many new dresses and help shelter animals! So I leave you to shop!
Have a wonderful week, I know I will!