Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Holidays are Here

This picture was taken at the Bubble Room on Captiva Island. We took a business trip to another pewter company in Florida. We had a great time and came back with a new tableware company. My new pieces will debut slowly over the coming months. Some will be available during Christmas. The first being the punch cup. I found that fit the holidays beautifully. Its time for all the fun entertaining.

Wow! My birthday signals the beginning of the holiday season. I have been working so much that it has truly slipped up on me. See, I truly believe that my birthday is a special season, not just a day. My Meme's birthday was the day after mine (Nov.21) and we always celebrated together and then would continue the celebration into the Thanksgiving meal. Well, Meme is in Heaven and an angel was sent to me to celebrate a birthday on the
21st. My friend Alice Nunn and I will celebrate our birthdays at our cousin Jane's this year!

Next weekend I am having a booth at the USJ Holiday Mart in Jackson, TN. It is completely new to me to take my pieces on the road. I have been working on the new website so much that time has slipped up on all of the Tennessee Pewter family. The photoshoot is over and this Thursday my website goes live. It has been a long time awaited and finally I have a website that will be fabulous. Come visit me at the Mart! It is at the Carl Perkins Civic Center.

The minister at church this morning spoke of dreams. I live a dream everyday, though that doesn't mean its easy, even if my dreams have come true. I have taken a couple of days off and enjoyed the Holidays in Haywood this weekend and I am ready to get back to my shop.

I have had a foster dog Jackson, since September and Jackson leaves Tuesday morning for the Catskills in New Yourk state. I am having a hard time letting Jackson go, but his adoptive family owns a metal company, and I saw that as a sign from God that they were the perfect family to take Jackson and love him as we have for the past months. He will go to work with the new family each day as he has been going with me for the past weeks. Forrest and Natchez have enjoyed having Jackson to play. At 3 they do not do much except follow me and sleep. Having HUGE dogs mean that they are almost completely inactive. As I write this Natchez is fast asleep and Forrest in asleep outside.
As always I encourage you to live out your dreams.
Here is a great recipe:
Molasses Pork Chops
Thick cut chops
Mix some sort of fancy mustard, garlic, and molasses. Put pork chops in crockpot and pour mixture over. I cooked on low for 10 hours. Yummy for the tummy. This recipe might make the cookbook its so great!
Until next time, rescue a furry soul or find one to love.

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